McLaughlin: Remembering the Legacy One grade only and that the best
Collage:  Colonel R. S. McLaughlin McLaughlin: Remembering the Legacy is a collection of photographs that are located at the Oshawa Public Library. These images offer a pictorial history of Oshawa's McLaughlin Family, and demonstrate their tremendous contribution to their community and to Canadian business and culture. This information will be of interest to students, researchers, and life-long learners.

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GM Canada's Historical Timeline
[Upper left: Sam McLaughlin, age 95 years; Upper right: Sam McLaughlin, ca. age 60 years; Lower left: Sam McLaughlin, ca. age 30 years; Lower right: McLaughlin family estate, Parkwood] The Oshawa Public Library gratefully acknowledges the generous donation from the Friends of the Library which helped to make this project possible.
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